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Although Chart Accountants do offer a full and diverse range of financial services, it is our main desire to help startup and small businesses expand rapidly and profitably.

It makes perfect sense for businesses to factor out their accounts. Not only does it help ensure that legal commitments are met for reporting taxation and/or payroll contributions, it also takes a heavy burden off the workload for an area where the expertise might be limited.

Doesn’t it make more sense for a business to pay a professional to do a task than struggle with it themselves?

After all, it would probably take a business twice as long to prepare their own books, all during time they could use to deliver more sales, more marketing and more profits.

If a business owner could earn perhaps £40 an hour when delivering their core service or product, wouldn’t it makes sense to pay someone else to free up that time to make more profits?

It’s like an accountancy arbitrage, and it really doesn’t need to cost your business anything to take advantage of.

At Chart Accountants, we are more concerned with putting profits into your bank than lifting cash out of your pockets.

That is why we have some incredibly low startup prices.

For new non-limited business customers joining after April 1st 2016, we will charge a base rate of just £25 per month (incl VAT).

Not only that, as long as you maintain regular payments, your fees will never increase for that service level.

If you are a limited company and need audited accounts, then the monthly rate increases to £40 (incl VAT).

Then, if you need to include payroll, it will cost just £2.50 per employee on the payroll, whether they are weekly, monthly or casual paid employees.

Don’t forget that this price also includes full access to QuickBooks Online, complete with accounts migration and full training at no additional cost.

That means a startup limited company with 4 employees would pay just £50 per month for everything they need, and get access to so many more benefits too.

All clients get access to our Chart Academy, all get access to latest information and networking opportunities, and all clients get preferential rates on all other business services that we provide.

Wehn you add up the additional features you get from Chart Accountants, we think that the price here is virtually unbeatable.

We are totally committed to your business growth and profitability and we will do whatever we can to support that for you.

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