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Our General Contact and Support Pledge to You

It is our foremost aim to deliver service beyond expectation.

We want to be there for you and answer the questions you fully and accurately.

The problem is that calls come flooding in, and we have no way of knowing who will call next, or what the specific need is.

On top of that, just as with your business, we also get bombarded by those annoying tele-sales calls, where a remote agent just doesn’t understand the words ‘No thanks’.

And all the while, all these calls add up to one massive distraction, and a distraction that takes us away from being the very best we can for you directly.

That’s why we set systems in place to keep us focused on your needs, and in a timely manner too.

So, if you need to get in touch, please choose any of the ways mentioned below, but be aware that you might not get through to us immediately, yet we promise to reach out to you with the right information, and within just 2-hours of your contact.

If you like to use the telephone…

that’s no problem, we like direct communication too.

The one thing to be aware of is that you might face an answering machine.

Don’t worry, just be prepared with your name, number and a brief message. We then guarantee to get the right person to call you back within 2 working hours.

If that doesn’t work for you, then just tell us what time to call, and as long as it isn’t 3am on Christmas Day, we should be able to fit in with your specific time frame.

the thing is, we can leave our lines open and you could try calling all day, but find the phones blocked by people selling advertising space on hospital calendars.

Or you can call in, leave a message, then get on with your day, knowing that someone will call you either within 2 hours or at the time you ask for.

In some cases, we will need to investigate a little further or pass the enquiry over to someone in particular for specialist advice.

If ever there is any delay in our response, you will be kept fully informed of our progress.

Call Us on 01522 246 212
So, if that works for you, then please feel free to call us on 01522 246212, we are right there for you.

Of course, some might like to make an appointment…

…and that’s fine by us too.

You can just pop over here, pick a person, pick a time and date, then we will reach out to you at the time you choose.

Also, because we really do care about you, we will send you a reminder or two, just so you know we are about to call.

That way, you can always reschedule if you suddenly get bombarded by new customers, all flocking around you, and needing your attention.

We understand these things happen, in fact, we had to put a queueing system outside our front door to control the crowds. But that’s another story eh?
Make an Appointment
Anyway, if this option suits you better, why not head over here and put the date in your diary.

Then there is our support Centre…

This is maybe the best way to go, but we understand some people prefer the old-fashioned routes above.

By opening up a support ticket, you get just as much speed with the response, a maximum of 2 working hours, but you also get a trackable record to refer back to if needed.

You see, with the best will in the world, some things vanish into thin air, and some things get forgotten.

By using the >support Centre, you get a record of every message, and something that is always there to look back at.

Don’t worry, if you want your answer by email, phone or in person, thats fine, we can sort it all out in the support desk.

Just ask and the answers will be given – quickly!

Oh, and we nearly forgot the newsletter

This is something that we send out from time to time.

It keeps you up to speed on the things you need to know, not just boring old accounting either.

Well yes, there’s always gonna be a bit of that, but we really try to include other business related topics too.

After all, we want to enjoy writing it, just as much as you want to find benefit in reading it.

To make sure these newsletters get through to you, you will need to complete the form below, and then confirm your permission, then just sit back and wait.

Just to be on the transparent side, there will be the occasional offer, but only from within our own group of companies.

Be assured though, it’d better be good to get in here…

newsletter sign up

So thats it really, unless…

We’ve sort of covered most angles here but if you can spot a new way to communicate that we didn’t include yet, let us know. then if all else fails, maybe we can stoke up the fires and get those smoke signals working again…

    So please choose your method and…

  • Discuss an accounting problem by phone
  • Meet with a Business Accounts Advisor
  • Meet with a Payroll Advisor
  • Meet with a Business Tax Advisor
  • Meet with a Personal Tax Advisor

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