Getting In Touch with Chart Accountants

You can phone our offices at any time with any issue whatsoever and we will be happy to try and answer your query right there and then.
In some cases, we will need to investigate a little further or pass the enquiry over to someone in particular for specialist advice.

If ever there is any delay in our response, you will be kept fully informed of our progress.

As an alternative to calling on the off-chance, it might work better for you to book an appointment in advance. This way, you are sure to get our full attention, exactly when you need it. It also gives us the chance to prepare and make sure the right person is available to talk with you.

These pre-booked discussions can be by phone or in person. If by phone, we will call you at the time you requested. For In-person meetings, we will arrive at your preferred location in good time.

Although the nearest appointment will always be at least 48-hours away, we hope you appreciate how this planning helps us to deliver a far more satisfactory solution to you when we do talk.

The types of meetings are outlined below and this list could change so please do check back once in a while, and especially before setting up a new meeting.

Discuss joining us by phone

This is the default option and lets you choose a time slot for one of our Senior Accounts Managers to call you. This call is set for 30-minutes and we are more than happy to take whatever time you need to explore what Chart Accountants can do for you.

During this call, there will be no pressure to sign up. We want you to take the chance to learn whatever you need to know. We then think its only right that you walk away, take the time to absorb all the information and make a decision that is absolutely right for you and your business.

    During the call, you will:

  • Get direct access details for your Local Accounts Manager for immediate answers to any ongoing questions that may have been overlooked during the call
  • Recieve full written confirmation of every point that was discussed and which we felt was of importance when making your decision
  • Get a Guaranteed Price Freeze on any offers that were available on the day of your appointment booking – even if it takes 3-months to sign up after the call
    Please Note:

  • This is a telephone based meeting and our advisor will call you at the set time, using the telephone number you enter onto the meeting request form
  • The above options will require you to disclose your business address but your details will never be used for any reason other than direct, purposeful communication. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details on this matter.
  • There is absolutely No Obligation when arranging this call and you WILL NOT be pressured into any sales or contract

Discuss an accounting problem by phone

3. Meet with a Business Accounts Advisor
4. Meet with a Payroll Advisor
5. Meet with a Business Tax Advisor
6. Meet with a Personal Tax Advisor


Touch to Call!