Helping Your Local Business Startup to GROW through leading Accounting and Financial Support

Many start-up businesses think they can get by without an accountant, and maybe they are right…for a while at least!

If all you need is some basic bookkeeping, then a spreadsheet could be as useful to you as a bookkeeper, and maybe more friendly too!

The thing is though, as you grow, your spreadsheet can start falling apart at the seems faster than your bookkeepers briefcase – and thats when you need Chart Accountants

You could of course get out the sticky tape, blue tack and some new batteries for your old Sharp Elsimate, but you know that sooner or later a decision is needed.

Before long, you know you will need some proper support, to keep you up to date with all those changing legal requirements. Help to manage that growing payroll and, more importantly than anything, someone to pinpoint the right time and opportunity for GROWTH.

Chart Accountants don’t just borrow your old calculator and do ‘more of the same’. Nope, not at all!

Chart Accountants let you throw away those old dinosaurs, hand the worry right on over and then work with you, just as if they were a part of your very own management team.

There’s an old saying that ‘an accountant never costs you any more than the money they save you’. The sad truth was though, it was probably as truthful as saying ‘the cheque is in the post’.

Until now that is – because accounting just grew up…

Accounting took on a whole new lease of life…

And accountancy just became Chart Accountants!


The Accountant In Your Business

Chart Accountants deliver everything you would expect from your accounting partner.

They also deliver some things you might not expect too:

  • A full range of bookkeeping and financial services
  • Advice on how to free up your cashflow
  • Advice on how to make savings
  • and how to raise capital for expansion.

Chart Accountants know all the murky depths of tax laws and legislative change, helping you keep on the right side of those first people on your Staff Christmas Party Invitation List, the HMRC.

The thing is, doing all this stuff takes time, and if you do it all yourself, it takes you away from your primary money making activities.

Chart Accountants on the other hand love doing this stuff and we love seeing your business grow as a result.

Oh, and back to the point we started with, while many other accountants expect you to visit them at their office (aka the golf course), Chart Accountants will come to you, work inside your company when needed and be a true member of your team, focussed wholly on your best performance and results.

Chart Accountants want to work with you. We want to prove that we are…

The Best Accounting Firm & Partner Service for Your Small Business

That’s why we are handing out the following insane offers, but only to the lucky few who take action right away:

Signing Up Before July 1st 2020…

  • Pay Nothing until July 1st 2020
  • or Pay for 1 month of service and get the following 2 months free
  • No Service Fees
  • Access to QuickBooks or Xero Accounts & Payroll Cloud Tools
  • Integration to HMRC
  • Updating of all previous records(*)
  • Complete Payroll Services for up to 10 employees

Please Note: The above offer does not apply when requiring emergency or last minute account preparation or submissions.

Plus these extra special bonuses for our friends

Plus Included In Every Package

Entirely FREE of Charge Forever

  • Import of any previous accounts data
  • An open door to expert advice – always included in every package
  • A Chart Accountants Agent working with you, where you need them,for at least 1/2 day each month

*What Isn’t Included In Free Packages

  • Impending or Late Tax Submissions
  • Late or Impending Company Accounts Submissions
  • Emergency Accounting Advice without a Chart Accountants Package

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